Netherlands Consul General in Chongqing Visited CC7

Release time: 2022-11-11  Browse: 9057

Koen Sizoo, Netherlands Consul General of Chongqing Consulate General, accompanied by William Van Tongeren, chief representative of Netherlands Business Support Office Chengdu, Yan Xiaoqing, Director of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency in west China, ,and Zhao Xiaoyu representative of the Hague Business Agency, visited CC7 on March 15. Su Fuqiang, Secretary of the Party CommitteeLong Haiyang, Board chairman, Wang Dalin, CEO, received them. Two parties communicated with each other on friendly cooperation in Europe, especially in Netherlands, discussed the possibility of deep cooperation in more fields in the future. 

During the symposium, Koen Sizoo, Consul General, expressed his purpose to visit. “Although Netherlands is a country with small lands, yet it has great and advanced chemical industry. We have 19 chemical enterprises ranked top 25 around the world, and over 2000 chemical enterprises set branch, European headquarters or office in Netherlands. There are also many laboratories in the fields of incubation and research, innovation ecosystem etc., 11 world-famous universities provide professional chemical industry professionals. CC7 has made outstanding achievements in overseas petrochemical, chemical and infrastructure fields, CC7 is welcomed to establish Europe B.V. in the Hague and to develop business in Europe. We both need to communicate and exchange deeply in more fields to cooperate closely in the future.” Koen said. 

Chairman Long welcomed Consulate General to visit the company and expressed appreciation for Koen Sizoo’s full affirmation and great support to our company. Long introduced our company’s superiorities, including execution ability of super EPC projects, worldwide strategic corporation partnership, investment and financing advantages and the like. Subsequently, Long emphasized on the management situation of CC7 Europe B.V. in the Hague. He pointed out that CC7 Europe B.V. has two most important missions. On one hand, as the Tech Center, it provides Technology, Engineering and Purchase supports to boost CC7’s global strategy.  On the other hand, CC7 Europe B.V. will introduce China’s advanced new material technologies to Europe. We own the most advanced painting technology in the world, which needs to be certified by European Union. CC7 is interested to invest and set factory in Netherlands in the future. In addition, it will bring Europe’s advanced petrochemical and environment governance technology to China, which shall make the diversified development of CC7. CC7 strategically promotes the integration and development of two engineering subsidiaries, CC7 Europe B.V. and CC7 Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., will create more local employment opportunities for the Hague.

On behalf of the Hague Business Agency, Ms. Zhao Xiaoyu expressed her great welcome to the company's establishment in the Hague and clearly expressed her willingness to provide free services and strong support for the company's patented technologies, EU certification of products, recruitment, legal affairs, financial and tax policies, etc.. Moreover, the Hague Business Agency can mobilize local resources to provide effective assistance for the smooth development of CC7 Europe B.V..