Yushen Energy Chemical Ethanol Project Received Letter of Commendation from Beijing Petrochemical En

Release time: 2022-08-03  Browse: 5662

On July 26, CC7 Yushen energy chemical ethanol project received a letter of commendation from Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. It expressed sincere thanks to the project team for its outstanding achievement of each node goal and the final handed over, moreover it highly affirms and commends the excellent quality displayed during the whole construction.  

Since the very start of the project, the management team of CC7 has taken a “forward command” approach to coordinate with all parties for actively addressing technical problems and rationally allocating human resources, while all members of the project has given full play to the spirit of “iron army” for facing and overcoming all the difficulties. With full cooperation from all parties, the project management team conducted close supervision and management to ensure progress, quality and safety of the project. Finally, with the tireless efforts of all members, they managed to overcome all sorts of challenges and delivered to the Owner a satisfactory answer, to name a few of these challenges, complex and harsh construction conditions, tight construction schedules, heavy tasks, and overlapping operations.

"Make Each Project an Imperishable Masterpiece". The letter is not only an affirmation of the company, but also an incentive to the project team. The project team will continue to maintain high enthusiasm, keep perfecting itself, actively participate in the follow-up project construction, and strive to open up a new chapter of the company's development with wisdom and sweat.