Synthesis Tower of Ningxia Baofeng Energy Project Lifted into Place

Release time: 2022-08-02  Browse: 5692

On July 20, the synthesis tower of methanol phase III in Ningxia Baofeng Energy project, was successfully installed, marking that the installation of synthesis unit has entered a critical stage of the project’s overall construction.

The overall dimensions of two synthesis towers are 4652x26765 mm, with each weight of 553 tons. It is currently the largest synthesis tower in the global chemical plant. It needs to be installed in the frame of synthesis tower with a height of 14.95 meters.

With a XGC-16000 1250-ton crawler crane as the main crane and a 400-ton crawler crane as the tail crane, the lifting took 3 hours to get the tower right in place. It provides a safe and reliable technical guarantee for lifting of the next methanol synthesis tower.