Dai Hegen Visited CC7 Chongqing Branch to Guide the Work

Release time: 2022-06-21  Browse: 5604

On June 9th, Dai Hegen, Chairman of China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., visited CC7 Chongqing branch to guide the work.

Dai visited and expressed his solicitude for the cadres and employees of Chongqing branch, listened to the work reports on enterprise development, production and business, market development, talent team construction and future development directions and etc. Subsequently, he learned in detail about precision & meticulous management, reform and restructuring, projects under construction and revenue of CC7 Chongqing branch, affirmed its achievements of various work, and put forward clear requirements for the next step.

It was emphasized that Chongqing branch shall effectively improve its political position, make full use of the existing qualifications of CC7, identify gaps in market development, production and business, make up for shortcomings, and take multiple measures to achieve significant breakthroughs with various economic indicators in its very first year of transformation and development. It is necessary to participate in the creation of production and business benchmarks of CNCEC, pay close attention to various work tasks, and build the Chongqing branch into the third-level enterprise of CNCEC as a benchmark. It is necessary to focus on building and supporting the core layer, pursue localized market business, and continuously promote high-quality development of CC7. Chong Branch is the first station to guide works in the third-level enterprise. It is hoped that the leadership will give full play to the advantages of the team, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of personnel at all levels, strive to reach a new level in three years, and meet new challenges with a new look of great vitality.