Lifting of Oversize Equipment Completed in Bangladesh GF Project

Release time: 2022-04-13  Browse: 5529

At 9:00 a.m. on March 24th local time, under the perfect cooperation of 2000T and 400T crawler cranes, urea synthesis tower 02-R-201, the last oversize equipment of Bangladesh GF Project was lifted into place at one time, thus, the lifting and installation of the equipment completed successfully. The height of the equipment is 53.7 meters and has a lifting weight of 330 tons.

During the preparation for the lifting of the equipment, the project team worked tirelessly, overcame the unfavorable factors such as the delay arrival of 2000t crane. The project team prepared and implemented relevant measures in advance such as advancing deployment of plans, optimizing the installation plan and refining of the lifting scheme. Along with the performance test completed on schedule through focused the project’s superior strength, worked overtime to assemble the crane after its arrival. Subsequently, the project team worked together to form a strong force, make contribution for synergy effort in thought, consciousness, and complete the lifting of the equipment. It extended the workfront of each discipline such as pipelines, civil, steel structure, etc. and laid a solid foundation for the follow-up sprint of the project.