1st Super-heavy Equipment of Bangladesh's GF Project Successfully Lifted in Place

Release time: 2022-03-17  Browse: 5601

On March 8, 2022, the carbon dioxide stripper tower (01-C-301), the first super-heavy equipment of Ghorasal Polash Urea Fertilizer Project (GPUFP), was lifted in place at one time, successfully completing another key milestone in the project construction, and fully inspiring a vigorous mass campaign in the project installation activities. The carbon dioxide stripper tower (01-C-301)is 68.5 meters high and has a self-weight of 447.5 tons. After "dress-up", its lifting- weight reaches 603 tons, being the tallest and heaviest equipment of the project. It is also the first lifting activity for the project super-heavy equipment installation, which adopts the single-crane lifting and delivery method with XCMG-XLC26000 2000-ton crawler crane as the main crane, and the SANY 400-ton crawler crane as the tail crane.

To ensure the tower can be lifted in place safely, smoothly and steadily, CC7 attaches great importance to the preparation work. A series of arrangements have been demonstrated and deployed for many times, including equipment placement, crane space occupation, crane walking road planning, 2000T crane shipment and customs clearance, preparing the Method Statement for Super-heavy Equipment Lifting and Installation, and etc. Before the lifting, CC7 intensively completed the assembly of the 2000T crane, fixing well the gantry and wind ropes and other necessary preparations. On the day of lifting, CC7 once again conducted safety technical disclosure to the lifting and installation personnel, carefully checked various safety measures and reviewed the work permit. And those participated each performed his own job during the lifting. With the main crane hooking slowly, the Auxiliary crane delivering carefully, the carbon dioxide stripper tower was lifted in place at one time, winning the high praise from MHI and BCIC (Owner). The smooth lifting of the tower has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent lifting of other super-heavy equipment.