Transformation & Distribution Room of Hainan Fine Chemical Industry Project Received Power

Release time: 2022-03-17  Browse: 5579

On March 4, under the joint witness of the owner, representatives of CNOOC Oriental Petrochemical Co. LTD, and the supervisor, the transformation and distribution room of Hainan Fine Chemical Industry Project successfully received power at 10:08.

Despite the fact that materials supplied by Party A arrived behind schedule at the early stage, posing difficulties to its timely completion, the project team overcame the obstacle with full utilization of superior resources and active cooperation among all disciplines, and gave priority to connecting the cable lines required. On March 2, the transformation and distribution room successfully passed the joint inspection and acceptance of the three parties. Based on the on-site progress, the owner decided to advance the power reception (originally scheduled for March 5) to March 4 after discussing with the supervision and project team. 

The early completion of power receiving has greatly encouraged the project team as it will provide sufficient power for the site and provide a strong guarantee for the overall operation of the subsequent steel structure and pipeline work.