Lifting of the main structure of villa in Dubai MAG project phase I completed

Release time: 2022-02-24  Browse: 6094

On February 18, local time, with the precise placement of the last prefabricated part, the fully prefabricated villas of Dubai MAG project phase I-148 were successfully installed, marking its full readiness for interior decoration.  

As fully prefabricated construction is a brand-new technology and lifting of main structure is the most risky and difficult for the project, to successfully complete construction goals, the project team has always insisted on implementing the company’s production requirements, strictly executing three-level technical disclosure system, thoroughly studying the process, formulating plans in detail, and strictly inspecting the entire process of mobilization and assembly of prefabricated parts on site. They timely identified and rectified problems encountered and ensured the assembly quality of prefabricated parts in an all-round way. Meanwhile, project team taken a series of measurements to ensure the construction progress and safety, such as given specific safety training to work teams and requested prefabrication subcontractor to prepare proper plan and arrange sufficient equipment and manpower. Finally, the prefabricated and installation of 148 villas was successfully completed.