2022 Business & Implementation Conference Successfully Held

Release time: 2022-02-23  Browse: 5603

On January 20th, CC7’s 2022 Business & Implementation Conference was held at CC7 headquarters. Wei Lina, deputy general manager and chief accountant of CC7, chaired the meeting. Focusing on the company’s 2022 goals and overall deployment proposed in workers' congress, the meeting summarized business and implementation work in 2021, analyzed problems occurred, and made a key arrangement for 2022. 

Shao Chengwang, deputy general manager of CC7, made a report titled "Integrating new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, and striving for new business and implementation pattern". He pointed out in the report that in 2021, domestic and overseas business goals were successfully achieved and the total amount of newly signed contracts was maintaining No. 1 ranking in CNCEC, which has promoted the company's sustainable and steady development, and achieved a good start in "14th Five-Year Plan". The company pays close attention to marketing in domestic, based on economic cycle, achieving the best level in the company's domestic market development history. The company maintained the leading advantage of overseas market development in CNCEC, and the newly signed contract amount accounted for about half of CNCEC's total overseas amount. The new breakthrough has been made in field of regional market development and "Non-Chemical".

At the same time, he summarized shortcomings of business and implementation, analyzed challenges faced by domestic and overseas markets, and put forward ideas and key arrangements in 2022. And the company decomposed 2022 business and implementation goals, to make a "good start" in the first quarter, establish new pattern for domestic and overseas markets, improve the level of project management, further promote the reform of business and implementation organization model, and comprehensively strengthen the basic management capacity.

Chairman Long pointed out at the meeting that firstly, we must form a triple balance of powers or even multi-balance in market. We shall not put all our eggs in the same basket to diversify risks, and constantly develop Russian , non-Russian, the Middle East and Africa markets. Secondly, noting that each project is equally important. It shall draw attention of management throughout the company. All departments/branches(subsidiaries) shall prepare preliminary plan in advance to ensure the smooth implementation of company’s projects, truly achieve the concept "Make Each Project an Imperishable Masterpiece", he said.