CC7 Carried Out the "CNCEC Safety Production Lecture"

Release time: 2022-01-30  Browse: 5584

On January 21, CC7 officially carried out a "CNCEC Safety Production Lecture" gathering. Wang Dalin, deputy director of CC7 safety committee, and general manager, and Chen Kui, safety director of CC7, gave special speeches on the meeting.

All departments and branches(subsidiaries) shall formulate its own implementation planning, establish a speech group at all levels, clarify the composition, responsibilities of members and contents of speeches according to actual situation and requirements of "CNCEC Safety Production Lecture" plan. Members of speech groups shall think deeply about the theme, carefully prepare the speech with a clear theme, specific details, and executable, propagable and reproducible measures. All members shall take action to participate in it, and learn from it, and improve yourselves, Shao Chengwang, deputy general manager of CC7 said.

At the meeting, Wang Dalin gave a speech on "Shaping the Soul of Ideas, Forging the Chain of Responsibility, Practicing the Rule of Law, Building the Foundation of Safety, and Helping the Company's High-Quality Development with High-level Safety Management" based on his learning experience from TV feature film. He made a detailed analysis and in-depth explanation from five aspects such as concept, responsibility, rule of law, basic safety management, and epidemic prevention and control. He called on all departments and branches(subsidiaries) of the company to insist on "People First, Life First", adhere to overall development and safety, and closely focus on the spirit of CC7 Fifth Session of 3rd Annual Congress. All members shall "Righteousness, tackling both symptoms and root causes, being strict and pragmatic,  taking responsibility to people, and keeping the bottom line" when achieving the company's production and operation goals, spare no effort to prevent and defuse safety risks, strive for improvement and excellence, High-level safety management to help the company's high-quality development.

Subsequently, Chen Kui gave a lecture on "Safety Management of Overseas Projects". The company has a total of 19 overseas branches(subsidiaries) and 11 overseas projects in construction, with a total of 6,380 Chinese employees, 5,185 foreign employees, and a total of 11,565 employees, mainly in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nigeria and other countries. There are large-scale projects such as Baltic (GCC) Project, Nigeria DRPP project, and Dubai Municipality projects. The safety management of overseas project are similar with domestic projects’, he said. Noting that he emphases on risk controlling existed in overseas projects security, extreme weather and environment protection combined with actual situation of the company, from three stages of project commencement, project implementation, and project completion.