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The company major foreign project performance table
Project Name
Construction site


Start date
End date
1 Ghorasal Urea Fertilizer Plant Project Ghorasal, Bangladesh Ghorasal Urea Fertilizer Co., 1990.07.25 1991.07.25
2 Jamuna Fertilizer Plant Project Jamalpur, Bangladesh Jamuna Fertilizer Co.,Ltd/Mitrubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan 1990.07.26 1991.07.26
3 PrillTower Construction Project Engro, Pakistan Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd./China Wuhuan Chemical Engg. Corp. 1991.07.26 1992.07.26
4 KAFCO Fertilizer Plant Chittagong, Bangladesh KAFCO Fertilizer Co., Ltd./Chiyoda Corporation, Japan 1993.07.26 1994.07.26
5 Sewage Treatment Plant Karachi, Pakistan Karachi Sewage Treatment Plant/China Dongfang Electric Group 1994.07.26 1996.07.26
6 Engro Fertilizer Plant Renovation Project Engro, Pakistan Engro Fertilizer Plant/Toyo Engineering Corp. Japan 1995.07.26 1996.07.26
7 ACES Project Engro, Pakistan Engro Fertilizer Plant/Toyo Engineering Corp. Japan 1998.07.26
8 PVC Project Karachi, Pakistan Karachi PVC Plant/Toyo Engineering Corp. Japan 1998.07.26 1999.07.26
9 ertilizer Renovation of PFK Project edah, Malaysia etronas Fertilizer Kedah Sdn. Bhd. /itrubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan 1998.07.26 1999.07.26
10 O2 Recovery edah, Malaysia etronas Fertilizer Plant /itrubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan 1999.07.26
11 AP2 Project uantan, Malaysia uantan CAP2 /itrubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan 2001.07.26
12 PK Project ngro, Pakistan ngro Chemical Pakistan Ltd./hina National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation 2000.07.26 2001.07.26
13 FFL Technical Renovation Project horasal, Bangladesh angladesh UFFL/oyo Engineering Corp. Japan 2000.07.26 2001.07.26
14 RL Project hittagong, Bangladesh hittagong Fertilizer Plant/hina Huanqiu Corporation 2001.07.26
15 AP-1 Project (with capacity of 240,000T/Y Phospham) hittagong, Bangladesh angladesh Chemical Industrial Corp./China National Complete Plant 2001.07.26 2006.07.26
16 AFCO Project hittagong, Bangladesh AFCO Chemical Industry Company/hiyoda Corporation, Japan 2002.07.26
17 Installation Work for Saudi Arabia Ma'aden Beneficiation Project Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden)/Guizhou Hongfu Industry Development Co., 2008.03.03 2009.12.16
18 Laos Gammon 500,000T/Y Potassium Chloride Project Civil & Installation Work Laos Gammon Laos Kaiyuan Mining Co. Ltd. 2011.07.03 2012.12.15
19 Abdullah University Of Science & Technology Research Park Utility Plant Saudi Arabia Owner: KING ABDULLAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOG Investor: SAUDI ARAMCO)/CC-7 Saudi Arabia Co 2011.10.24 2013.12.31
20 Vietnam Hebei Nitrogenous Fertilizer Co. Ltd. Technical Renovation Project Vietnam Vietnam Hebei Nitrogenous Fertilizer Co. Ltd./ Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd. 2012.05.01 2013.12.31