In forthcoming 5 years, it is the most crucial 5 years for CC-7’s 3rd business. As a whole, international and domestic situation is undergoing the complex changes. We are facing uncommonly history chance as well as new risk and challenge. Standing at a new historical starting point, we will carry out the spirit of the Fifth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of the scientific development concept, we shall take the concept of innovation as the lead, development strategy as guide, business work as lead line, financial management as core, project management as highlight and technical innovation as support, we will insist on walking on the road of New, Special and Fineness. We will study refinement management experience of Taiwan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd and develop two markets, achieve diversification development. Finally, Our Company will be built as an international engineering corporation at last

(1) Development Idea
   We will take chemical, petrochemical and environmental protection engineering as core business, make the good use of the CNCEC and CC-7’s brand and intergrate the company resources. Our target is that our company is built as an EPC company with qualification of engineering, procurement and construction.

(2)Task targets

    Overall objectives: By 2015, we will achieve the main business income to 4 billions RMB and the profit to 1 hundred million yearly. Wage income of working employees will keep in line with the market.

    Our company will be built as an international engineering corporation with general contracting qualification.

    CC-7’s branches shall keep viability and obtain different contracting certificates in accordance with their technical advantages.

    Overseas markets: we will take chance of entering into markets of Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Russia and Nigeria, consolidate traditional markets of Southeast Asia and extend the share of other world at the quickest speed.

    Domestic markets: we will take southwest as the center and extend our market to northwest, northeast, east and coastal area.

(3)Target details

1. Adjustment of task structure: chemical and petrol-chemical filed: 55% of total gross income; environmental field: 15% of the total gross income; others: 30% of the total grosses income; among them, overseas income will be 40% of total gross income; renovation with new technology will be 10% of total gross income.

2 To obtain 15 provincial and ministry technical innovation achievements.

3. To optimize technical innovation system, promote development of innovation, and establish technical center and provincial technical center.

4. To complete the legal person governing structure and create high efficiency decision mechanism.

5. To establish mechanism of strategy leading, budget management, operation supervision, check and evaluation.

6. To complete overall risk prevention system.

7. To establish competitive HR management system.

8. To realize system building, optimized flow and management information