Russia GCC Project Team Held the Internal Management Meeting
Source:党群工作部 Release Time:2020-10-14
On October 6th, the project team organized a special seminar on how to promote the on-site work orderly and efficiently after receiving the advance payment of addendum 2.1 and 2.2 in the phase 2 of the project. Members of the project steering committee, heads of each department of IPMT, members of the first project management team and key person attended the video discussion meeting. Liao Liangbin, chief economist of CC-7 and project director, put forward five requirements to all participants: firstly, to further break down each specific work content involved in addendum 2.1 and 2.2, and specify the completion time and responsible person, to improve the responsibility management system for achieving fine management; secondly, to strengthen the communication between the internal and external of the project executive team, master the communication skills and give full play to the synergy of the team. All employees should integrate into their respective related work as soon as possible according to their own responsibilities, actively find and think about problems, so as to solve problems efficiently; thirdly, to take the results as the management orientation, prepare work plan reversely, focus on the milestone nodes, and make a good arrangement on project subcontracting work to ensure that the annual business activity task of the project are completed with quality and quantity guaranteed; fourthly, to change the management role, thinking from EPC point of view, and promote the specific work of the project with the management concept of EPC; fifthly, to take care of the epidemic prevention safety, construction safety and personal safety work at the site while grasping the project management work, so as to ensure the physical health and life safety of all the staff of the project as the first priority, and effectively ensure the fruits on both project production and safety work.

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