The First EPC Subcontract of Phase 2 Was Successfully Signed by Russia GCC Project
Source:党群工作部 Release Time:2020-10-13
On October 6th, Long Haiyang, deputy general manager of CC-7, and Igor Yurievich Marchenko, general manager of Stroykomplekt Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SK Company”), officially signed the first EPC subcontract for GCC Project phase 2 implementation. According to the contract, SK Company will be specifically responsible for the design, procurement, construction of the north and south temporary road and leveling of the fire-fighting isolation zone, etc. The provisional sum of EPC contract (including VAT) is 18.6 million euro (equivalent to about 150 million yuan), and the contract period is 4 months. The tag number of dealcoholization tower is T103A, 77M in height, 6.2M in diameter, 332T in weight, and the overall lifting weight is 500 tons after dressing up and installing the attached tower pipeline. The hoisting not only inspired the morale of the whole staff, but also opened the prelude for the subsequent large-size lifting work.

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