Russia GCC Project Team Organized A Series of Activities of “Quality Month”
Source:党群工作部 Release Time:2020-09-28
From September 19th to 22nd, based on the comprehensive and centralized study of national quality standards, international quality management standards and current Russian quality specifications, with the theme of “building a powerful country with quality, winning an all-round well-off society”, according to the actual situation of different members of the project and domestic working groups, the quality management department of the project has carried out quality training on “quality management principles”, “establishment, improvement and operation of quality system”, “classification and inspection grade of quality control points”, “quality improvement methods and tools” and “main contents and management of as-built documents”, etc. in batches, and through a large number of on-site photos, the specific quality control measures and solutions to common quality problems of various disciplines were vividly displayed, which made the participants familiar with the relevant knowledge of quality management again, and further improved the awareness of quality control, prevention and control. Through the development of a series of activities, every employee of the project team has had a profound understanding of quality for survival, quality for development, quality for efficiency, and the quality concept of keeping?improving and pursuing to be excellent, which has laid a solid foundation for improving the service quality of enterprises and striving for high-quality projects in the follow-up of projects.

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