Phase 2 Construction Kick-off Meeting of Russia GCC Project Was Held Smoothly
Source:党群工作部 Release Time:2020-08-21
On August 13th, phase 2 construction kick-off meeting of Russian Baltic Gas Chemical Complex (GCC) Project was successfully held in the CC-7’s headquarters. This kick-off meeting is the first internal project kick-off meeting in CC-7’s history, which has sounded the horn of connecting the top and bottom, keeping pace with each other and sparing no pains to implement the 100 billion project. The meeting was presided over by Xie Kun, deputy director of Russia GCC Project Team. Members of CC-7’s leading group, senior executives and section heads of each department of the headquarters attended the meeting. Leaders of Russian branch and relevant personnel of GCC project attended the meeting via video. First of all Long Haiyang, deputy general manager of CC-7, present a brief of the geographical environment and social environment of the location of Russia GCC project, the information of relevant parties of the project, and the general principles of project implementation, focusing on the work content of each stage of the project, the key and difficult points during the implementation of the project, as well as the solution plan, and explained the topics to be studied and discussed in this meeting. Guan Wei, deputy director of Russia GCC project, made a detailed report on the preparation of subcontract planning, team finalizing, procurement planning and temporary facilities planning in phase 2 of the project Su Fuqiang, the Party committee secretary and board chairman of CC-7, gave guidance to some problems existing in the implementation of the project, and required the project team to timely correct the defects in the work, and smoothly promote the project construction on the level of doing all the foundation work well. Combined with the actual situation of the project, five requirements were put forward for the specific implementation of the project: first, to perfect the management of safety and benefit system, and maximize CC-7’s benefits on the basis of win-win cooperation; second, the project team should ensure that the plan is in advance for all work contents, and further refine the progress plan. For the management of text and contract terms, it should tend to its advantages and avoid its disadvantages, and strengthen its management from a legal perspective; third, to reform the recruitment management mode of subcontractors and suppliers, using fully market-oriented prices and meeting the requirements and regulations of Group Company; fourth, to continue to do a good job in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the life safety and health of project and subcontractors’ personnel; fifth, to strengthen Party's construction work and give full play to Party organization's fighting fortress as well as vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, effectively convey and implement the spirit of instructions from the higher authorities into action. Su Fuqiang hoped that all the staff of CC-7 could work with one heart and one mind, transfer the key work to GCC project in the near future, implement the responsible person and leader, and effectively promote the work of phase 2 and 3 of GCC project.

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