Conversazione about Work Resumption of DCC Project Subcontractors
Source:党群工作部 Release Time:2020-08-05
On July 27th, a conversazione was held for subcontractors of Russia DCC project at Longquan headquarters to further strengthen the work of epidemic prevention and control, intensify the management and control of project safety performance, and promote the work resumption of the project. Su Fuqiang, the Party committee secretary and board chairman of CC-7, attended the meeting and made an important speech, at the same time, he answered subcontractors’ concerns one by one. Su Fuqiang pointed out that under the current situation of the epidemic abroad, the Party committee of CC-7 strictly implemented the major decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the relevant work requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the Party Committee of the Parent Company; always took the epidemic prevention and control work as the most important political task and primary work; adhered to take its own responsibilities; strengthened to build the command system, the arrangement of the epidemic prevention system, and the abundant administration security system; adhered to the principle of “blocking and preventing simultaneously, strictly preventing and defending”, made all efforts and at all costs to cut off all sources of infection, to implement grid management, to reserve sufficient anti-epidemic materials for ensuring the life safety and health of employees; put up a united front and overcame the difficulties together, and has done a lot of fruitful works to win the overall and resistance war of epidemic prevention and control, and has laid a solid foundation for the work resumption. Wang Dalin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, Wu kaicai, deputy secretary of the Party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Wei Lina and Yang Shijun, deputy general managers, Liao Liangbin, chief economist, and the heads of relevant departments and heads of 21 subcontractors of Russia DCC project attended the meeting.

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