Wu Xiangong, Member of The Standing Committee of The Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of CNCEC and His Team Visited CC-7
Source:党群工作部 Release Time:2020-07-24
On July 14th, Wu Xiangong, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and deputy general manager of CNCEC and his team conducted an investigation on CC-7’s business activities at CC-7's headquarters. Wang Dalin reported CC-7’s business activities in the first half of 2020, the problems existing in domestic business, and the critical works of domestic business in the second half of 2020 to Wu Xiangong and his team. Based on the current epidemic situation in China and abroad and CNCEC's actual business, Wu Xiangong put forward three requirements from the promotion of key projects, domestic and foreign market development, and CNCEC's business management: firstly, under the current severe situations in China and abroad, CC-7 should study the correct business strategy, coordinate the domestic and foreign markets, chemical and non-chemical markets, in Sichuan and outside Sichuan markets, and guarantee both markets in China and abroad in a balanced development, chemical and non-chemical markets, and both markets in Sichuan and outside Sichuan in a simultaneous development; secondly, the leading cadres at all levels of CC-7 should play a leading role, change their concepts, emancipate their minds, seize the market opportunity of “new infrastructure”, pushing the implementation of new infrastructure projects as soon as possible, and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises; thirdly, during the special period with new challenges, CC-7 needs to broaden the market development channels, and to supplement its own vitality from the market, so as to ensure the completion of the business target in 2020.

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