sign the 3 billion U.S. dollar contract at Dubai
Source:企业文化部 Release Time:2012-07-05

sign the 3 billion
May 26, 11:30 local time (Beijing time 15 : 30), Dubai national housing project construction general contract signing ceremony was held in Dubai sailing hotel.   Group (stock) company chairman Jin Kening、company chairman Su Fuqiang、general manager Wang Dalin、deputy chief economist Wang Zhengfa and UAE Dubai project office's (Government in charge of construction sector ) relevant staff attend the signing ceremony .
The project is located in the city of Dubai; total 10,000 villas and ancillary facilities will be built, which covers about 20 square kilometers ; house construction area is about 3 million square meters and this project was built with the loan that the Dubai government using sub-sovereignty as a guarantee to loan from China import and export bank.
The project contract total amount is 10774330000dirham (about $2.95 billion, converted into RMB about 18.644 billion yuan); contract construction time is 60 months. This is the largest construction general contract single contract signed by Group ( stock) company.

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