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Source: Release Time:2012-07-26

    CC-7 grew up along with the development of chemical industry in china and has been occupying the top place in construction field for over 40 years. CC-7 completed China’s first imported fertilizer unit and the largest chemical fertilizer project in Asia. Meanwhile, CC-7 was award 6 state prizes as well as more than 20 awards either from provincial government or ministry in china.CC-7 has completed about 20 large and middle – scale chemical fertilizer plants with respective annual production capacities of urea and ammonia over 8 million tons and 6 million tons in total which holds the first position in that completed by any of fellow enterprises. All these projects were completed as per contracts, once-passed-through the commissioning and were award the perfect quality projects either by the state or provincial government. Among them import synthetic ammonia/urea unit of Luzhou Natural Gas Chemical Plant was awarded State Silver Medal for Quality Project. Urumchi Petrochemical Complex Project with annual production of 300,000T/Y ammonia and 520,000T/Y urea was awarded State Sliver Meldal for Quality Project.

    Beside undertaking construction works of chemical industry, petrol-chemical industry synthetic ammonia and urea unit, today we can carry on construction work of polyformaldehyde, polysilicon, 1.4 butanediol, ammonium phosphate, methanol, sulfuric acid, coal chemical industry and PVC unit which make CC-7 a good and continuous development.

    CC-7 Constructed the First Super Purity Polysilicon Plant in china
    Ten Polysilicon units are in progress or have been completed by C-7, which holds the first position in that completed by any of fellow enterprises in china.
    CC-7 Constructed the First Poly-formaldehyde Unit of Yunnan Nature Gas Chemical Co. Ltd. in china
    Six poly-formaldehyde units with annual production capacity of 160,000T/Y in total are in progress or have been completed by CC-7, which holds the first position in that completed by any of the fellow enterprises in china.
    CC-7 entered into the international construction market and completed the largest fertilizer Unit in Asia
    In 1986, CC-7 took the lead in entering into the international market, and municipal & public works in Iraq, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia etc., CC-7 continuously completed four large-scale chemical Units in Bangladesh.
    In 1993, CC-7 successfully cooperated with Chiyoda Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan and completed the largest fertilizer Unit in Asia, KAFCO Chemical Fertilizer Unit with annual capacity of 450,000T ammonia and 560,000T urea in Bangladesh.
    The First Imported Fertilizer Unit of China
    Sichuan Luzhou Natural Gas Chemical Unit Imported Fertilizer Unit from England and Holland with capacity of 100,000T/Y ammonia and 160,000T/Y urea was completed by CC-7. In 1970s also completed the first imported Fertilizer Unit from U.S.A and Holland with capacity of 300,000T/Y ammonia and 480,000T/Y urea. It broke that “ Chinese cannot complete the large-scale chemical fertilizer project”.

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