Company’s existing human resource

     Up to March 2011, CC-7 has 4507 contracted employees, including 1416 management personnel and 3091 workers.

    There are now 196 senior title persons, 227 middle title person and 554 primary title persons, including 627 engineers, 272 economic, and 107 Accouter, and 86 political and ideological workers in the Management personnel and Operation staff including 69 senior technicians, 335 technicians, 820 highly skilled workers, 946 secondary mechanic and 921 junior technicians.

    The CC-7 now has 109 national registered level-one constructors, 65 associate constructors and other 51 registered professional qualification persons.

  The main installation operation staffs including 536 pipe workers, 888 welders, 212 riveting workers, 249 bench workers, 320 electricians, 165 instrument workers and 202 lifting workers.

    Over 40 qualified subcontractors has long-term cooperation with our company, if need, we can integration of more than 12,000 human resources.

    At the same time, outstanding technical personal will to recommend to the occasional class of post-graduates study Master of Engineering Management, this is a joint degree awarded by SouthwestJiaotongUniversity and our company. The target is to train compound talents with specialty, capability and knowledge, respect for different professions and different personality, and to provide convenience of staff to apply to the registered professional qualification.