Development Strategies

Overall objectives:

Build CC7 into a global competitive engineering company integrating investment, implementation and operation strength.

Development strategies:

By 2021, relying on the main business entity, CC7 will form a business landscape of coordinated development, featuring its main business as chemical engineering and infrastructure projects, and its supporting business as environmental governance and industry business.

By 2023, CC7 will further enhance its strength, maintain its industrial-leading position in the chemical engineering field, experience a rapid and fruitful development in the infrastructure business, and proceed with steady growth in the environmental governance and entity business.

By 2025, adhering to "simultaneous development of both domestic and overseas markets, simultaneous advancement of chemical and non-chemical diversified fields", CC7 will create "five first-class capabilities": first-class corporate governance, first-class management, first-class technological innovation, first-class manpower (talent)gathering and first-class international business implementation.

By 2029, CC7 will shape itself into an international engineering company with global competitive integrating investment, construction and operation, further expand its business area into upstream and downstream industrial chain aiming for its perfection, and comprehensively improve the development quality, scale efficiency and corporate soft power.

By 2049, on the centenary of PRC and China achieve its second centenary goal of building China into a great modern socialist country, CC7 will grow into an international engineering company with global competitiveness, that is, a leading company that holds a certain position in allocation of international resources, leads the technological development of the industry, and has its own influence and voice in the industry development, a leading company that focus on quality and efficiency development, has a strong brand influence in the world with excellent products and services, and eventually an international engineering company with a long-lasting foundation.